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Huawei ICT Academy Updates

By Precious Mbatha
19 April 2021

We love talking to you. Keeping in touch and making sure that you get the information you require. So this week we are having a virtual meeting with all our instructors. Yes! we wanna offer support, know what they need help with and what we can improve.

Go check our EVENTS page and see when the meeting will be. The agenda for the meeting is also up there so you also get to see what will be discussed during the meeting..


By Precious Mbatha
24 March 2021

The quarter is almost over, trainings are almost through and those who jumped to the opportunity will be writing their exams pretty soon!

And that will be putting them a step ahead towards the “Oh’ so growing Tech Industry” And not only that, Huawei has some pretty cool incentives for both students and lectures who took part in the training.

Click on the link and see what other kids will be getting while you get none 😉  Policy Incentives

By Precious Mbatha
08 March 2021

Don’t let Covid-19 be the reason you’re not studying. Our online classes have started and if you haven’t registered, do so!! I don’t know what’s stopping you really! Online study never stops!

We are half way through our first quarter, get registered, learn and get certified.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you!!

By Precious Mbatha
09 February 2021

The registrations for Academy Instructors are on. Get your college to register with HUAWEI and be part of the academy.

OWW and HURRY UP some of the courses are full already, have your IT lecture register and attend the classes online, its no hustle really!!

By Precious Mbatha
27 January 2021

The HUAWEI ICT Academy has more than 10 authorized courses you can choose from. Big Data, Cloud Computing, IoT, Security, AI and Storage, just to name a few. This is to ensure that we are work together in moving the world into the 4IR direction and ensuring that we are well skilled and prepared for the future!!!

By Precious Mbatha
21 January 2021

With 2021 at its prime.. The HUAWEI ICT Academy aims to get more TVET colleges to open academies, train more than a hundred students, train more instructors , have HUAWEI Clubs for students and all this can be achieved, when working together and making sure that our students get the correct information and exposure to the ICT opportunities.

Let’s Get You Skilled Up
Visit the huawei website for more information!


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