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SAPCO comprises of two level of management; The National Executive Council (“NEC”) and the Office Bearers who are responsible for running the affairs of the organisation.

The NEC is constituted by the President, Deputy President, General Secretary, Deputy  General Secretaryand Treasure General
It exercises day-to-day executive authority over SAPCO and acts in accordance with the directions of the National General Conference.


To be the recognized voice of the Public Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges in South Africa that supports access to quality education and acaademic excellence.

Prof. MDM Phutsisi

Principal at Motheo TVET College Tell: (051) 406 9301 email: dipiloane@gmail.com / matlales@motheotvet.co.za
Deputy President

Ms TJ Aryetey

Principal at Elangeni TVET College Tell: (031) 492 4363 email: aryetey.tj@elangeni.edu.za / lucky.ngubane@elangeni.edu.za

Treasurer General

Mr. CM Maimela

Principal at Nkangala TVET College Tell: (013) 690 1430 email: cain@nkangalafet.edu.za / pa@nkangalafet.edu.za
Secretary General

Mr. XB Phike

Principal at Northlink TVET College Tell: (021) 970 9011 email: brian.phike@northlink.co.za / mbaartman@northlink.co.za
Deputy Secretary General

Mr. JT Ngcobo

Principal at Western TVET College Tell: (051) 406 9301 email: tngcobo@westcol.co.za / bianca@westol.co.za

Our Mission

To support, represent, promote and protect the interests of all Technical and Vocational Education and training Colleges in South Africa.

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17 Kersieboom Crescent, Zwartkops Ext 4

Phone: (+012) 663 2145/49
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